Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kyuhyun Facts

1.) His family consists of his parents and an older sister and his father is the country’s Revision/Review Association Chairman. The whole family dotes on Kyu a lot, conversely, they are very strict towards his sister.

2.) When he was in college, there was a period when he ate a lot and became pretty chubby, but he went on a diet before debut and then he was as skinny as Hyukjae but after the accident he lost 20 kg!

3.) School: Shinchung Middle school, Yumkwang High School, Kyunghee University.

4.) He has a sister named Ahra who is 3 years older than him.

5.) Is a Christian and has been singing for his church since he was a little kid. He has also recorded some Christmas carols for his church when he was about 8 years old in Korean age. His sister was also in the album.

6.) When he was 16/17, he joined the Buddy Star Contest and he came in 3rd.

7.) Super Junior’s youngest & final member…Added right before Super Junior’s 200th day anniversary.

8.) He loves playing online games (such as Starcraft) so much and is really good at playing. In a radio interview he said if he wasn't a singer, he'd like to be a professional gamer.

9.) He was obsessed with the historical drama Jumong. And according to him in the 11th episode of Explorers of the Human Body, he loves watching other historical movies and dramas too.

10.) He says that when he sleeps, he snores really loudly and he even drools!

11.) The other members have told him before, Kangin: “You should listen to Hyung’s words!” -when Kyu was in a ‘rebellious’ mode.

12.) He was supposed to play the basketball guy in the Super Junior movie Attack On the Pin-up Boys (2007) but due to the accident, he was replaced by Hankyung instead.

13.) He admires Korean actresses Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun.

14.) His favorite colors are white, blue, and black.

15.) His favorite foods are pork chops and seafood.

16.) His favorite type of girl has long hair, big eyes, a pair of beautiful legs, and only cares about him.

17.) Favorite Chinese phrases: Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I don't speak Mandarin), Fuwuyuar (Waiter).

18.) Favorite Thai phrase: 'Rak Na Dek Ngo' (I love you silly baby).

19.) He wears soft contacts lenses and can be seen wearing glasses in practices and some performances.

20.) Kyuhun practically sucks not only at driving but also at vertical or parallel parking. Kyuhyun rode car to the concert. The fans volunteerely had to go behind him and give signals so he could reverse properly into the lot.

21.) The last time Kyuhyun had been left outside alone he’d been chased by a dog and climbed up a tree where he’d remained, crying, until the firemen came to get him. In the end Heechul had to climb up the tree because Kyuhyun was attacking all of the firemen who tried to get him down. xD

22.) He has numerous nicknames given by fans and the other members.Some of these nicknames are:
GameKyu, DraKyu, KimKyu, SkiKyu, KyuMong, Magnae on top, LordKyu, Lucky, Xiao Shi San or Little 13, PrinceKyu, PornKyu, ShyKyu, Captain Cho, Chubby thing and Little boy (given by his sister Cho Ara), ScholarKyu, ChicKyu....................etc.
(it's rumored that he has over 900 nicknames).

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