Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The group with 15 members:

1. The adorable leader who everyone loves:

2. The hella head bomb diva who no one wants to mess with:

3. The martial artist China man who captured the divas heart:

4. the dorky turtle lover with The amazing voice:

5. The strong man we now miss so much:

6. the one who should never be underestimated:

7. The Aegyo king who never seems to age:

8. The dancing monkey that won us over with his antics:

9. The playful fish who believed aliens are real:

10. The derp king who loves skinship:

11. The eternal maknae who’s cooking skills always saves the day:

12. the moody man who always has a place in our hearts:

13. the evil maknae who kicks starcraft player asses:

14. the bright ray of sunshine that will always be there:

15. and the boy who’s first violin stunt will forever be etched in our hearts:

super junior is my life <:D>

Super Junior,
You are my soul and destiny,
You are my live and death,
You make me happy while angry,
You do so when i am sad.

Super Junior,
Ignore the antis,
ELF will forever save you,
Protect Super Junior.

Super Junior,
Twins Dont Don Sorry Sorry,
And for now it's Bonamana.
You can drive me crazy,
For you good songs.

Super Junior,
I want to meet you,
Face to face with you,
Sing Dance and Talk to you,
Take your signature.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ex-Super Junior member Hankyung has always maintained that his health problems and lack of time off were the reasons for his lawsuit against SM Entertainment. It turns out that there was another reason much worse — he had been harboring thoughts of committing suicide because of the extreme stress. He talked about his struggles and even revealed a letter from his father on the Taiwanese program, Song ChunHwa Life Show. Hankyung’s court case is still pending but it is known that he still maintains good relationships with his ex-members including Heechul.
“Super Junior HanKyung talks about the reason to why he got into a legal disagreement with his agency SM Entertainment, “It was because I was put through great stress and I even wanted to commit suicide.”
HanKyung appeared on a Taiwanese program ‘Song ChunHwa Life Show’ on 17th August where he said, “The reason why I sued SM was because of the great stress I was put through and I even thought of suicide.”
With that, the MC said, “Your father sent a letter from Beijing.” In the letter, even though all that was written was just greetings, the great love from his father can be felt. Part of the letter went, “Have your flu recovered? Take care of your body. I know my son is going through a hard time. But think of your fans and endure.”
HanKyung then teared, “It was really tough promoting in Korea. It get tougher because I am someone who would keep things to myself. And it is tough to be unable to do the things I want to do.”


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum Surprises Fans With His Tattoo

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum uploaded a couple of pictures in his personal Twitter account. In those pictures, it showed Kibum’s new hairstyle, piercing and a tattoo! In this tweet, fans were left surprised. But don’t worry, it’s just a temporary tattoo.
Read Kibum’s Tweets: 110222 Kibum Twitter Updates with Heechul reply
what can you say about this?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

vote 4 super junior!

Super Junior awarded with ‘Best Selling Album’ at the ‘2010 Gaon Chart Awards’
- Super Junior was honored with the distinction of having 2010’s “Best Selling Album”, as determined by the ‘2010 Gaon Chart Awards‘ in an awards ceremony on February 9th.
- The boys released their fourth full album, “Bonamana“, last year and it managed to sell a total of 200,193 album units to come in first in terms of physical album sales.
- The group’s leader, Lee Teuk, expressed on stage after receiving the award, “We’re very happy to receive such a big award at a fair and authoritative awards ceremony. If America has the Billboard Charts and Japan has the Oricon Charts, Korea has the Gaon Charts. Every year when we go on promotions, we personally experience how it feels to be the boom of the Hallyu Wave not only in Asia, but all around the world. We will work harder in our activities.”
- During the ceremony, Gaon Charts’ official offline sales data was revealed for the first time since the Recording Industry Association’s aggregates were suspended in the latter half of 2008. Online charts were also revealed for the very first time.
- The Gaon Charts is the national record chart of South Korea and compiles data from online digital sales and from offline sales (both domestic and overseas).
- Meanwhile, Kang Seung Yoon and G.NA were awarded the male and female rookie awards respectively. For all the chart results, please visit the Gaon official website.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

suju army schedule

The schedule for Super Junior’s members enlistment into army has been released. Everyone of them have to be in the army for 22 months.

Enlistment Years (by members)
Kangin: 2010-2012
Leeteuk, Heechul: 2011-2013
Yesung: 2012-2014
Shindong: 2013-2015
Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon: 2014-2016
Ryeowook, Kibum: 2015-2017
Kyuhyun: 2016-2018

Members Count (by years) (just take it that Kibum is not away cause of acting)
2010: Missing Kangin, 11 Members left
2011: Missing Kangin, Leeteuk, Heechul, 9 Members left
2012: Missing Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, 9 Members left
2013: Missing Yesung, Shindong, 10 Members left
2014: Missing Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, 7 Members left
2015: Missing Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, 6 Members left
2016: Missing Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun, 9 Members left
2017: Missing Kyuhyun, 11 Members left
2018: FULL TEAM!!

That means 8 more years till we’ll see SJ together as a whole again T__T Kangin’s enlistment this year is understandable, but then can’t they just choose 2 years and enlist all the other members together at the same time? It’s not as though they have an age limit of when you go in. If Boom can enlist at the age of 27, I don’t see how the older members can’t wait till then and enlist together with the younger ones. The way they’re doing it, there will definitely be a few years where no albums will be released at all, for various reasons. And at the end of 8 years, who knows how many ELFs will there still be left? How many fans will wait 8 years for a group to be together again??
But looking at the number of people left over per year, it’s pretty unlikely they would release any albums. Concert tours maybe, but albums, not quite possible.

2011: Missing leader and most talkative people aka Heechul, Kangin, Leeteuk. Promotion activities would be quite hard.
2012: Same reason as 2011, plus missing one of the main singers aka Yesung.
2013: Possible, if they have other members to take over Yesung’s parts, possible Leeteuk or Kyuhyun.
2014: Not possible. 4 out of 6 main dancers gone (Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong. Left with only Kyuhyun and Leeteuk) Dance choreography will be too huge a barrier. Unless only SJ-K.R.Y. continue with their activities.
2015: Even worse than 2014, not only with more members gone into army, but Ryeowook, one of the main vocals will be missing. Only 3 out of 6 main dancers left in group. Even SJ-K.R.Y. activities, if any, will be put on hold.
2016: Not possible to release album as SJ as a whole. Main dancers all back, except Kyuhyun just join army. But 2 out of 3 (Ryeowook and Kyuhyun) main vocals will still be in army. Unless they have activities with SJ-T or SJ-Happy.
2017: Possible, since Kyuhyun’s the only one missing. Can probably have Donghae, Leeteuk and Sungmin covering his parts until he return.

Only 2018 will all of them gather as a group again. But after 8 years gap, will they still have as many fans? Not likely. Will SM still let them release an album? That’s a question. Maybe one as an experiment, which if their album sales are still high enough will possibly continue. But if not, this 4th album could be the last that we see of them together as Super Junior. Hopefully not though, especially with all the turmoils that they went through together since they debuted. I’ve got to say their road to being idols is much tougher than most, if not all, other groups that I have seen.
Nevertheless, it’ll be wonderful if we can still see them together, as 13 or at least 12 after 8 years. If not we’ll just have to settle with seeing them with their individual activities, which I hope is not the case.

8 quotes you can make on the spot because of kyuhyun

♥ Just like time, my love for you will never stop - It won’t happen, no one can make it happen.

♥ Being a strong person in front of others is not just enough, but proving it on your own is a proof of being one.

♥ Believing that your dreams will come true is one thing I will never get tired of.

♥ Dreams are made of the tiny things you can imagine, no one will make it happen but you.

♥ Being good is not enough if you know you can be one of the bests.

♥ You are the reason why I believe in miracles.

♥ Stars cannot just be seen in the sky, sometimes they’re just a few miles away from where you are.

♥ Shining stars are not just up there, most of the time they’re human beings whom you never expect to come your way.

Leeteuk & Heechul got into an accident ! :(

Leeteuk & Heechul just arrived to Singapore, & unfortunately they got into a car accident. All I can say is that thank the lord that they didn’t get hurt, seriously. As soon as I found out I was hoping it wasn’t a Kyu situation.. I wouldn’t want that at all. Again thank the lord ~~Here is a picture, (someone correct me if I am wrong) but I think it was a fanvan.. Yeah I know right. They will now be staying at the Swissotel instead of MBS.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Funny about Super Junior!!!

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet...? but this just made my day...I was literally laughing when I was reading this!! haha, it just shows how down-to-earth and normal Super Junior still is...they haven't changed AT ALL

♥A little kid who lived in Super Junior's neighborhood saw Yesung walking into the dorm and kindly told him, "Hey, you know that Super Junior lives there, right?"
Yesung and this kid were in the elevator together. Yesung asked him what singer he liked. "Super Junior," the kid replied. "Who in Super Junior is your favorite?" "Yesung." Yesung was about to give him his autograph when the kid asked, "so who are you by the way?"

♥Right after Kyuhyun's debut, some of the Only 12-ers protesting in front of the SME headquarters started shouting that he had a nose job as he walked into the building. He came right back out and started explaining how his nose is 100% au naturel.

♥Hangeng was about to walk into the SM building when a huge, extremely tall fangirl ran towards him at the speed of 60 mph. "Oppa!" Hangeng freaked out, dropped his card, and started pounding on the door fanatically, crying for help.

♥Sungmin apparently couldn't find his car so he just stood in front of some random van that was parked in front of the studio. His manager pulled by and asked him "why are you standing in front of SHINee's van?" Sungmin replied, "I'm riding with SHINee." He ended up hitching a ride from SHINee.

♥Two girls were walking on the Chungdam streets when they saw some dude that really looked like Eunhyuk walking towards them. One of the girls said, "Oh yeah, the Eunhyuk guy in Super Junior...what was his height again? 173? 174? 176?" The guy whispered "176″ as he passed by. You guessed it right, that was Eunhyuk.

♥When he gets bored, Sungmin opens the window of his van and shouts "We are Super Juni-OR!" to random people on the street.

♥Back when Donghae had really long hair, his fans were always begging him to cut it. So one time at the airport, his fans spotted him and told him to please get a haircut. Donghae freaked out and shouted, "but I did! I did get a haircut! I just got one this morning! I got a haircut! I did!"

♥During the Pajama Party promotion, Eunhyuk, fully in his stage costume (with the hair, makeup and everything) was sitting in the green room eating ice cream. One of the newbie staffs came up to him and asked him where his parents were.

♥Leeteuk's comment to the first song Donghae has ever written: What the hell was that?

♥When Hangeng first started his Korean Cyworld, he posted up his username and password as a blog entry: "My Cyworld is all yours ^^"

♥Sungmin was drunk and started acting cute in front of Heechul, who in turn got annoyed and bitch-slapped him.

♥Kangin was in a taxi when the radio station started to play Don't Don'. The taxi driver turned the radio right off complaining, "why is this song so damn loud?"

♥At the autograph signing event, Kibum's Sharpie ran out. Sungmin handed his Sharpie to him, telling him that his Sharpie hasn't run out yet. Kibum didn't take it, saying "stop lying." Sungmin got ticked off and started making a scene. "I'm not lying! I don't lie! Why don't you ever trust me!"

♥Ryeowook and Kibum use honorifics to each other. "Please take care, sir." "You too, sir."

♥Before debut, the members played a bet that Heechul could go into the womens' bathroom without being questioned. When Heechul walked in, one of the women in the bathroom looked at him and murmured, "wow, she's tall."

♥Heechul's girlfriend complained that he was a terrible kisser, so Heechul asked Kibum to practice kissing with him. For three consecutive months.

♥One time during Twins promotion, sasaeng* fans found Yesung wandering on the streets. "What's wrong?" They asked him. "I forgot where I live." The fans had to guide him to the dorm.

♥Kyuhyun once made Seohyun cry by telling her she looked sexy. Yoona told him off.

♥Sungmin once took his sasaeng* anti-fans out to dinner. They're still around though.

♥A fan kept asking Ryeowook if he could give her a hug. He reluctantly stood up to hug her, when Heechul yelled behind him, "Don't hug your fans! They start to get bitchy about it!"

♥Once Donghae and Heechul had a huge fight in the dorms, throwing things at each other. Then after five minutes they forgave each other and went out. Leeteuk was the one to clean up all the mess.

♥Ryeowook once got drunk and threw up all over on his endorsed clothes.

♥A Thai fan saw Ryeowook poking at his eyelids to create the crease.

♥Seeing that no one was recognizing him on the streets, Yesung called Kangin, literally screaming into his phone. "Oh, hey, KANGIN!"

♥An ELF wore piles of makeup and even eyelid tapes and waited in front of the SM headquarters. Late for their schedule, the boys darted out of the building and literally jumped into the van, but Kangin quickly came back out to ask "hey, what's that tape thing on your eyelids?"

♥A fan was lining up in front of Ryeowook at the signing event to get her album signed. Kyuhyun has finished giving autographs and was just sitting there. "Wow, oppa you look so hot today," the ELF told him. Kyuhyun did not even look up as he replied, "I know."

♥When Yesung was in high school, he bleached his hair and wore a helmet to school to avoid getting caught. The teacher asked him to take it off, so he responded "I can't, my head's too big."

♥A fan went to an autograph signing event to get Heechul's autograph. Freaking out upon seeing Heechul, she started screaming "Kim Heechul! Look over here! Kim Heechul!" Heechul shouted back, "How old are you! How dare you not use honorifics!"

♥The first time Hangeng went to China after debut, he asked his Chinese staffs where the bathroom was... in Korean.

♥On Yesung's birthday, his parents came to the broadcast station. But they had come to see Shin Hyesung's comeback stage, not their son.

♥Heechul once dressed up as a girl to be able to go out on a date with his girlfriend unrecognized. Apparently it worked, and he"strutted around the streets" in his disguise while proudly holding his girlfriend's hand.

*Note: sasaeng basically means stalker...or "extreme" fans ^^